Vendor Application Submitted

Thank You!

Your application has been submitted and is being processed.

We will be in contact very quickly (usually 1-2 days) with your final determination. Applications are accepted unless we have too many people selling the same items.

Please let us know if you need to correct or change this information.  Email Us

Notable Information
  • All applications must be complete with payment no later than 5:00 PM by July 31, 2019.
  • All applications must be approved by the application committee to avoid duplicate vendors.
  • All payments will be refunded if you are not accepted as a vendor.
  • Food vendors must be licensed and possess a permit from the Department of Revenue.
  • Food vendors are required to have Cowlitz County Health Department certification.
  • Food vendors are required to show proof of insurance.

Indemnification Agreement:

The vendor agrees to accept full responsibility for the quality of any and all goods sold by the vendor and/or the vendor’s organization at the Longview Squirrel Fest. Vendor agrees to be open for business during the event hours. Late set-up or early tear-down, constitutes a breach of this agreement.

The following covenants are agreed to by vendor:

  1. The vendor agrees to operate said concession in conformation with all federal, state, county and City of Longview laws, ordinances and health authorities. Any violation of the foregoing will entitle Longview Squirrel Fest to cancel said vendor and cause the same to be removed with “No Right of Recourse” by the vendor against the Longview Squirrel Fest for previously paid said vendor space. Vendor shall be responsible for any payment to all federal, state, county and City of Longview taxes where applicable.
  2. The owner of the property or custodian of property, brought to the event assumes as a condition of its admission to the event, all risk and any responsibility for its loss, damage, or theft.
  3. Any required permits and licenses will be obtained by vendor prior to the event and must be displayed for viewing. All food concessions are required to have a valid health card and permit. Contact Cowlitz County Health Department for more information.
  4. To reserve a space, full rental fees must accompany application. Spaces are available on a “first reserve basis”.
  5. Areas will be marked by 6:00 AM on the day of the event. Booths are to be set up and operating by 9:00 AM and taken down no sooner than 4:00 PM.
  6. All canvas must be flame proof. Any flammable liquids must be in approved containers. Canopies must be anchored and secure. No aerial or ground hazards.
  7. Absolutely no alcohol beverages or marijuana products shall be kept or sold by vendor or the vendor’s employees or representatives within the event area.
  8. The vendor is responsible for providing necessary tables/chairs. Limited spaces with electricity are available and will be given on a “first reserved/requested basis”.
    Please note on your application.
  9. Food vendors are required to have approved fire extinguishers.
  10. No vendor shall assign or sub-lease any part of their concession or vendor will forfeit any and all rights to their area.
  11. FOOD VENDORS: Washington State Food Service Regulations WAC 246-215-120 Sanitary Facilities and Control states: “Food service establishment owners shall dispose of all liquid waste including gray water, mop water, and ice melt into an approved on-site sewage disposal system or in another manner approved by the health officer. Vendors not conforming to any of the above requirements will be asked to remove concession from the area immediately!


Please contact us:

Rotary Club of Longview
Attn: Squirrel Fest Vendor
P.O. Box 1105
Longview, WA 98632